Piece of Mind Package - Chestermere Residents

Piece of Mind Package - Chestermere Residents


Piece of mind all year round! We'll do it all so you don't have to lift a finger! Low monthly rate automatically billed - Chestermere only at this time!



  • Sping Cleanup
  • Lawn Maintenance
  • Leaf Collection
  • Fall Cleanup
  • Snow Removal
  • Ice Management
Price Options
Piece of Mind
C$200.00monthly/ 12 months
No Winter Maintenance (Apr-Sept. only)
C$200.00monthly/ 6 months
  • Lot Size

    Please ensure you choose the correct lot size! If you have one of the items list in the next highest level you must choose that size.


    • 2 Car Driveway
    • 1-3 Leafed Trees
    • City Sidewalk



    • 3 Car Driveway
    • 4-6 Leafed Trees
    • Corner Lot



    • 4+ Car Driveway
    • 7+ Leafed Trees
    • Lake Lot

    Pleaes call to inquire if you are unsure.

  • Details

    Spring Cleanup
    April / May weather dependant
    Power rake, hand rake, cut, trim, aerate and dispose of thatch


    Lawn Maintenance
    May - September weather dependant
    Cut to healthy length during growing season. Weekly or bi-weekly depending on weather, growth rate and moisture


    Leaf Collection
    September / October
    Leaves will be raked and disposed of prior to fall cleanup


    Fall Clean Up
    September / October
    Hand rake, final cut, trim, aerate and dispose of thatch


    Snow Removal
    November - April weather dependant
    Remove snow from doorway, front step entry, walk way, city sidewalks and driveway


    Ice Management
    November - April weather dependant
    Apply sand / salt as required to keep ice build up to a minimum


    All you have to do:
    Please ensure pet fesis is removed prior to your service day and all items are removed from grass areas (hoses, toys, chairs/furniture)

  • Discount Codes

    Use of Personal Compost Bin
    Allow SCAPE to dispose of grass clippings, leaves, and compostable debris from site

    Neighbour Rate
    Sign up with your neighbours to save!