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Important Sod Care

Fresh sod is like any other living plant or tree - and to ensure you establish a great lawn it must be taken well care of as soon as its installed. Here are some tips on ensuring you are taking proper care of your new grass:

When should you water?

The best time to water is around dawn and dusk; allowing the lawn to absorb the water while avoiding the heat of the day when evaporation could occur.

How should you water?

Water evenly and slowly to prevent runoff. To ensure evenly distributed water, use a sprinkler or built in irrigation system. Watch the edges along concrete surfaces where sod is prone to burn up.

How much water?

The first two weeks following installation requires about 15 minutes of water twice a day. Peel up a corner and ensure the soil underneath is wet but not muddy.

Keep off!

It is important to keep the traffic on your new lawn to a minimum until a good root base is established. Once the seams are less noticeable, the corners are harder to peel up and the surface underneath feels more firm and not squishy; it is safe to have more traffic. Not waiting long enough could cause movement of the pieces, the ground underneath to become uneven, and divit's or sinking to occur.


Your sod will begin to grow and thicken, but do not cut it in the first two weeks. When you do begin to maintain the height of your grass, leave it a healthy length (approx. 2.5-3.5") as too short may cause the grass to dry out quicker and burn.

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