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Tips For Buying Snow Shovels

Updated: Feb 19

Some people don't think about the importance of a good snow shovel, but it will make the job easier, faster and cause your body a lot less strain and pain later if you choose the right one!

The Blade:

At SCAPE we use plastic flat shovels without the metal edge as we find it is more likely damage pavement. Removing the metal from your favourite shovel or shovel brand is easier than expected! Not having a metal blade will also make the shovel lighter than one with; but keep in mind this will also cause the shovel to wear out more quickly.

The Shape:

Our favourite shovels are the ones that are flatter and wider. The shallow but bigger blades allow us to push more snow more efficiently from drive ways. Although these are not the best option for steps. When clearing snow in doorways or from steps we prefer to use a smaller blade with a deeper scoop. Having one of each is ideal.

The Handle:

Having a shovel the proper length that you're comfortable with will make a huge difference! Although curved shaft shovels seem like a good idea, they actually become too heavy as you are attempting to push or lift a lot more snow. A simple handle that isn't a fancy shape or foam wrapped is lighter, more flexible for multiple users, and seem to last longer - less is more!

Plastic vs. Wood:

All of our shovels are plastic as they are more cost effective for the amount of wear and tear ours endure and are replaced often. For a long lasting shovel look for a wood shaft.

In Canada there are plenty of places to buy snow shovels but Eagle Lake Landscape Supply sells our favourite. Shop them here: Eagle Lake Snow Shovel

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